antiviral & antimicrobial surfaces

NEW INNOVATION antiviral & antimicrobial armrests and tray tables for a healthy and clean flight experience.

Change in the management of EBCO GmbH

With effect from January 1st of 2021, Olaf Sperling is appointed Managing Director of EBCO GmbH. Together with Elke Jäger, Olaf Sperling forms the management team in which Ms. Jäger is responsible for administration and Mr. Sperling for technology.

Armrests in any color with comfortable and antiviral surfaces

PUR soft-AV: Soft foam for armrests with antiviral surface. Our soft foam for armrest is a brand-new innovation that combines many properties.

Save weight & costs with partial reinforcements

Thermoformed products can be reduced in thickness and weight by using partial reinforcements made of flame retardant PUR foam.