Furniture Manufacturers

Seat cushions, backrests, armrests and headrests made of flexible, cold or rigid foam – our products are present in a wide range of applications.

Possessing performance features such as precisely meeting the Shore hardness without blow-holes, special flame-retardant foams and specialities such as multiple-zone foam containing regions differing in hardness.

New business fields in the premium sector include the highly sophisticated upholstering of various parts with fabric, leather and imitation leather.

Supplementing our focus on office swivel chairs, we are expanding our seating furniture capacities.

Furniture Manufacturers

About Us

High performance and responsibility – we are committed to these goals.

Furniture Manufacturers


As early as 1997, we obtained certification according to the standards for a quality management system, currently in accordance with DIN EN 9100.

Furniture Manufacturers


A claim for which we stand and by which we are judged.

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