antiviral & antimicrobial
Microfiber Cloth
ebCoating AV 400

antiviral & antimicrobial <br> Microfiber Cloth<br/> ebCoating AV 400
  • Transparent & permanent protection coating against viruses and bacteria effective on plastic and metal surfaces for 6 months
  • Long-term solution instead of short-term disinfection
  • Useable directly on the components, even inside the aircraft
  • 99% of viruses will be eliminated within 30 minutes, tested according to ISO 21702:2019

All surfaces must be clean and free of grease. Not to be coated areas must be taped off.

User application:
Coating protection used for plastic and metal smooth surfaces. Check wettability and adhesion before use Unsuitable for absorbent surfaces such as leather, textiles or any screens. Processing temperature +5°C to +40°C at relative humidity <70%.

Use always protective gloves and safety glasses while coating.
Wipe surface evenly with cloth. Touch dry after 30 min.

Coated surface can be cleaned with Tegesin or A-18S, no warranty for other cleaning agents. After coating the surface may differ in gloss level and color compared to original, please check before coating.

Our partial reinforcements are already used successful in flight.

Save weight & costs with partial reinforcements

Save weight & costs with partial reinforcements

Thermoformed products can be reduced in thickness and weight by using partial reinforcements made of flame retardant PUR foam. Our moulded foam can have all contours, tailor-made designed with adjustable mechanical properties, depending on your special application and requirements. The very light foam can be bonded very well and strongly onto the plastic.
Expensive and heavy injection molded parts can be replaced by our cheaper and lightweight system. With our foam, there are positive settings to pass the HIC-test. We support you in design as well as connection options to the structure.

Our partial reinforcements are already used successful in flight.

Armrests in any color with comfortable and antiviral surfaces

Armrests in any color with comfortable and antiviral surfaces

PUR soft-AV: Soft foam for armrests with antiviral surface

Our soft foam for armrest is a brand-new innovation that combines many properties:

  • antiviral surface
  • pleasant feel and haptic
  • comfortable soft in hardness: 25-35 shore A equates to 76-83 shore 00
  • soft in a foam thickness from 3 mm to 20 mm
  • reduced in weight up to 30% compared to current foam
  • much higher abrasion resistance
  • insensitive to dirt / dirt-repellent
  • in any color

We support you in design, connection options to the structure as well as inserts in different materials such as aluminium or plastic.

Armrests in any color with comfortable and antiviral surfaces

Armrests in any color

We offer armrests made in PUR in any color. We currently have more than 250 different colors on hand, to be able to manufacture your armrest in your desired color. We just need a reference sample for color matching in customer’s design. The color setting is independent of the required quantity.

Armrests in any color with comfortable and antiviral surfaces

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Armrests in the customer’s design and different properties.

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antiviral & antimicrobial armrests and tray tables for a healthy and clean flight experience

antiviral & antimicrobial surfaces
for a healthy and clean flight experience

Aircraft cabin components like tray tables, backshells and armrests can be protected against viruses such as influenza and corona with ebCoating, a hygienic surface with antiviral effect. 93% of viruses will be eliminated within 30 minutes and this effect lasts for 3 years.
These results have been audited by Eurovir® Laboratories, Luckenwalde/Germany. We are currently working on increasing the effectiveness up to 99%.

This coating can be applied to all new and already existing tables or backshells. In addition, the surfaces have a higher dirt-repellent effect for easier cleaning. All of this saves costs and time for disinfecting and cleaning the surfaces. The surface has no impact on flammability, smoke density and toxicity test.

ebCoating – immediately available and applicable

Make the invisible safety visible

Show the invisible hygienic surfaces with antiviral effect to the passenger. Let’s make it visible in order to reduce the user’s fear. The surfaces can be marked with a label or a lettering to show the protection to the passenger. The labelling also helps by removing the need of disinfection and cleaning much easier due to the dirt-repellent effect, both saves costs and time. We also offer this labelling made in pad printing or silk screen printing and in any color, fonts or icons.

antiviral & antimicrobial armrests and tray tables for a healthy and clean flight experience


Smart Factory System Low Cost – High Quality

Smart Factory System Low Cost - High Quality

We are fit for future with our launched Smart Factory System. Introducing the TOYOTA management methods 10 years ago was the precondition to avoid time-waste on production and administration, for the benefit of a continuous improvement within the entire company.

The Smart Factory System was successful launched in January 2019 in our tray table production and assembly lines. Staff members receive all relevant data of the production order, any instructions and assistance for a smooth operator production, with optimal processes for a one-piece flow. Efficient utilization, reduction of scrap, higher output and a real-time inventory check. Disruptions in the assembly line are immediately reported to the responsible person. All our KPI’s such as QTY, OEE, OTQ and OTD are monitored in real time and are shown to everybody on large screens.

The result is effectiveness and that is your benefit as a customer:
Reasonable price – Quality made in Germany

antiviral & antimicrobial surfsaces

antiviral & antimicrobial surfsaces


antiviral & antimicrobial armrests and tray tables for a healthy and clean flight experience

We have been thinking about what will be most relevant in times of coronavirus disease.

It will be increasingly important to pay more attention to hygiene – this also applies to aircraft seatings.
Have you ever considered how many germs accumulate on an armrest and tray table between cleanings? This is one of the dirtiest parts of an aircraft seat, and can be contaminated with pathogens, viruses or other germs.

Ebco therefore protects the surface of the armrests and tray tables against infection. Thanks to the complete closed surface without pores, armrests and tray tables allows a much easier and more quickly cleaning and disinfection.

The biological active compounds anchored in the varnish attack the virus shell. As a result, the virus shell becomes porous and kills the viruses and thus infections can no longer be triggered. Corona viruses normally stay on surfaces for up to nine days but now the risk of infection can be reduced by 99%. Due to our new surface, the viruses die within two hours.

antiviral & antimicrobial surfsaces


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