Flexible Foam / Cold Foam

Office chair cushions, backrests and orthopaedic cushions are our main fields, in which this flexible material is used.

Instead of cheap block foam milled to size in a subsequent process, we only produce parts that are precisely shaped in the mould.

Perfectly in line with our customer’s requirements, i.e. with a contour according to CAD data, an indispensable feature of high quality seating furniture.

Another example of the numerous application options to be mentioned here is a car seat for children, for which we produce supportive inside cushions.

The benefits of a multi-zone foam are also evident in the simpler procedure of upholstering with fabric or leather or in improving the ergonomics, e.g. through supporting regions.

Flexible Foam / Cold Foam

About Us

High performance and responsibility – we are committed to these goals.

Flexible Foam / Cold Foam


As early as 1997, we obtained certification according to the standards for a quality management system, currently in accordance with DIN EN 9100.

Flexible Foam / Cold Foam


A Universal Player: on land, in water and in the air – polyurethane foam accompanies people wherever they go.

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