Smart Factory System Low Cost – High Quality

Smart Factory System Low Cost - High Quality

We are fit for future with our launched Smart Factory System. Introducing the TOYOTA management methods 10 years ago was the precondition to avoid time-waste on production and administration, for the benefit of a continuous improvement within the entire company.

The Smart Factory System was successful launched in January 2019 in our tray table production and assembly lines. Staff members receive all relevant data of the production order, any instructions and assistance for a smooth operator production, with optimal processes for a one-piece flow. Efficient utilization, reduction of scrap, higher output and a real-time inventory check. Disruptions in the assembly line are immediately reported to the responsible person. All our KPI’s such as QTY, OEE, OTQ and OTD are monitored in real time and are shown to everybody on large screens.

The result is effectiveness and that is your benefit as a customer:
Reasonable price – Quality made in Germany