As a globally recognised solution and system provider, we primarily supply armrests, dining tables, literature pockets and backrest shells for all classes of aircraft cabins.

We fulfil the highest quality standards and aviation norms such as ABD0031 / FAR 25.853b.

Our in-house development enables us to develop new weight-optimised, comfortable, durable, innovative and environmentally friendly products.

Our products offer passengers premium comfort and airlines benefit from optimised „cost of ownership“.

Furniture sector

Stuhl mit Polstern aus Polyurethanschaum

Whether upholstery for office chairs or seating in residential area, we offer the right solution.

For seat cushions, backrests, armrests or headrests, we select the foam quality that leads to the optimum product. 

We use flame-retardant foams, multi-zone foams and client-specific developed foam systems.

We invest in the development of new, sustainable material components.

Stuhl mit Polstern aus Polyurethanschaum
Konsole eines Gabelstaplers mit Teilen aus Polyurethanschaum

Mechanical engineering / Apparatus engineering

Konsole eines Gabelstaplers mit Teilen aus Polyurethanschaum

We find the right solution for individual requirements in mechanical- and apparatus engineering.

Parts are developed and manufactured according to technical parameters such as density, tensile strength, elongation at break or heat resistance.

So lassen sich u.a. Lüfterhauben, Isolationsgehäuse, Schutzleisten und Dämpfungselemente realisieren.