Antiviral & antimicrobial coatings

Bacteria and viruses are part of our daily lives.

The antiviral & antimicrobial coating products developed by us serve the health of end customers and comply with Boeing BSS 7434 and AMS 1452C.

Our product range includes the coating of original equipment products such as armrests and dining tables.

We also offer a specially treated microfibre cloth for on-site maintenance work that eliminates 99.9% of viruses.

Brochure: Passenger dining tables with ebCoating AV 200
Brochure: Armrests PUR soft-AV with ebCoating AV 200
Brochure: Microfibre cloth ebCoating AV 400

Circular economy

Innovation also involves solutions for environmental protection.

We work with system suppliers to introduce new, sustainable material solutions into production.

In line with the principle of the circular economy, we already offer foam products that consist of approx. 50% recycled or bio-based raw materials.

All existing high mechanical properties of the products remain unchanged.

CO2 emissions are reduced, raw material mining is minimised and waste and its disposal are avoided.

Our customers benefit from consistently high product quality and a positive effect on their own ecological footprint.



The development of a soft-touch armrest with a weight saving of around 25% is a highlight of our product portfolio and is particularly popular with our customers.

Lightweight and durable

Weight savings of up to 100 g are possible. In addition, the armrests are extremely resistant to abrasion and can be treated with an antiviral and antimicrobial finish.

Bunt – ganz genau so, wie Sie es wünschen

Unique in the world, the armrests can be produced in any conceivable colour without the usual cost-intensive conversions in production. We match the desired colours with the utmost precision.

Partial reinforcement

partiell verstärkte Flugzeugsitze

Another in-house innovation is the development of a partial reinforcement of our foam products with the primary aim of reducing weight.

The stability of our products is further increased by bonding the PU moulded foam part to the shell to form a single unit and installing it in the seat frame.

The partial use of reinforcement ultimately minimises costs and saves resources.

partiell verstärkte Flugzeugsitze

Thermoformed Backshells

Thermoformed Backshells

We have expanded our expertise in thermoforming and can now also offer thermoformed parts for backrests for aircraft passenger seats.

Precisely formed, accurate to the millimetre, lightweight but stable parts that meet the high demands of the aviation industry.

Different thicknesses, structures and colours are possible.

We offer the complete package - tables, armrests, backshells, literature bag, etc. – just ask us.