We endeavour to live up to our responsibility towards our environment and our descendants by thinking and acting in a conscious and resource-conserving manner.

Our environmental protection measures are continuously re-evaluated and improved.

We have therefore been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 since 2009.

Environmental Management according to
ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 standard defines requirements for environmental management systems. It covers a company's environmental policy, environmental objectives and environmental programme. 

This certificate certifies that ebco GmbH has suitable environmental objectives and takes appropriate measures to implement and further develop these objectives.


Photovoltaic systems offer numerous benefits to the industry, including a sustainable energy source, cost reduction through lower energy costs and the opportunity to have a positive environmental impact.

By installing photovoltaic systems, ebco GmbH can reduce its dependence on conventional energy sources while reducing its environmental footprint.

With the help of the 3 company-owned systems, 134,521 kWh of solar power was generated in 2023.

Circular economy

Innovation also involves solutions for environmental protection.

We work with system suppliers to introduce new, sustainable material solutions into production.

In line with the principle of the circular economy, we already offer foam products that consist of approx. 50% recycled or bio-based raw materials.

All existing high mechanical properties of the products remain unchanged.

CO2 emissions are reduced, raw material mining is minimised and waste and its disposal are avoided.

Our customers benefit from consistently high product quality and a positive effect on their own ecological footprint.

Sustainable mobility

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Promoting sustainability through the use of bicycles and EV/HEV vehicles is an important step for companies.

The increased use of bicycles and EV/HEV reduces local emissions and improves air quality. These provisions help to promote more environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility.

Vollelektrische Geschäftswagen der ebco