About Us

ebco GmbH is a medium-sized company from Albbruck in southern Germany.

We develop and produce PU moulded foam parts – from the raw material to the assembled component.

More than 100 employees manufacture our high-quality products in 5 halls on an area of 7,000 m².


We want to develop and manufacture the products our customers need and value as the best on the market.
We work in partnership on future-proof, innovative and sustainable solutions and thus support our customers in achieving their and our goals.


We develop solutions with our customers and support them throughout the entire product life cycle.

We work to achieve utmost customer satisfaction.

Our actions are characterised by ensuring excellent quality and meeting deadlines.

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions and enjoy accepting challenges. We focus on achieving agreed targets, both externally and internally.

We keep an open and solution-orientated communication.

We aspire to be the benchmark in our field.


Process management

We consider optimisation of work mechanisms and production processes as a continuous task. The consistent usage of

  • Lean Management and
  • Smart Factory

increase our effectiveness and efficiency.

We also utilise the knowledge of external consultants to improve our processes for the manufacture of high-quality products.



Young, motivated trainees, experienced employees with many years of service, highly qualified specialists and a highly respected workforce.

We are proud of our employees..
Sie bilden unser Rückgrat.

We pay attention to ongoing training and ensure a good and safe working environment.

Creating and securing jobs is part of our corporate philosophy.




Our production lines are "state of the art" and include a variety of moulded foam equipment, thermoforming systems, further processing lines, milling robots, labelling stations and more. We use them to manufacture products such as:

  • Shells made from thermoformed foils for passenger dining tables or backrest shells
  • Armrests using the in-mould coating process
  • Moulded foam inserts for dining tables
  • Upholstery for office and home furniture
  • Fan covers, insulation housings etc.

The possible applications are diverse


Fulfilling national and international environmental requirements is been taken granted for us.

"Circular Economy" is already a reality in our production

  • We use foam systems that contain up to 50% recycled or bio-based raw materials
  • CO2-emissions and mining of raw materials are significantly reduced.
  • Our customers improve their ecological footprint while receiving the same product quality

We also protect our environment by

  • Reducing the weight of our products
  • Optimising the durability of our products
  • Generating electricity through our own solar systems




We have been fulfilling the standards of the Quality-Management Systems since 1997, currently in accordance with DIN EN 9100.
Since 2009 we have complied with the voluntary Environmental-Audit 14001.

Our most important certificates/approvals: 

  • DIN EN 9100
  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 14001