Polyurethane – The basis of our products

PUR foam is durable, insensitive, unrivalled in its versatility and can be produced as block or moulded foam.

We have specialised in the manufacture of PUR moulded foam products for almost 40 years, whether made of rigid foam, semi-rigid integral foam or flexible foam.

Flame-retardant, weight-optimised, resistant, sustainable and environmentally friendly foams form the basis of our premium products.

High dimensional stability, break resistance at still low weight are specific properties of rigid integral foam.

A material with a homogeneous structure that can be used as a visible part, for example coated with a textured paint.

With Shore hardnesses in a range of 60-80 D and densities of around 600 kg/m3, stable housing parts or robust covers can be produced for various applications.

Flexible foams are for example suitable for office chair cushions, upholstered furniture, passenger seats or orthopaedic cushions, but also for many other applications.

Manufactured as a moulded foam part in line with CAD data, the finished part comes out of a aluminium mould.

Hardness and weight can be adjusted individually.

Multi-zone foams can also be produced. They are used to improve ergonomics, for example, by providing additional support in defined areas.

The specific characteristic of this system lies in its structure, i.e. a soft foam core that steadily becomes denser towards the outside and forms an outer skin on the surface with a high durability.

With Shore hardnesses of 45-60 A and densities of 150-800 kg/m3, it is an ideal material for producing e.g. armrests or steering wheels.

The products thus achieve a long in service life with good structural strength and a high level of user comfort.


We manufacture armrests for passenger seats for all classes, from Y/C to VIP Class.

The armrests can be fitted with different inserts as reinforcements and fastening elements.

Our armrests are characterised e.g. by:

  • extremely high abrasion resistance in operation
  • very pleasant feel with a particularly soft touch
  • free choice of colour
  • variants with high weight savings

Passengers benefit from highest comfort, while our customers benefit from a cost-efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly product solution.


Passenger Dining Tables


The classic version is particularly popular with our customers. 

It´s proven that it fulfils the specific requirements of the aviation industry, for example in crash tests (16g Seat Crash Test TSO-C127a) including HIC or fire tests (FAR §25.853 a).  

Depending on customer requirements, the tables are supplied with partial printing, reinforcement inserts, individual colour design and rail guides. 

We are the market leader in terms of product performance, quality and low weight. 

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With the Bi-Fold dining table, we fulfil our customers' request for a special version of the dining table. 

As with the classic dining table, partial printing, reinforcement inserts, individual colour design and rail guidance can be implemented according to customer requirements. 

All aviation standards and requirements are met as well. 

Outstanding in product performance, quality and low weight. 

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Whether classic or bi-fold, all dining tables can be supplied as a finished component with guide rails, connecting rods and brackets. 

The seat manufacturer can install the complete table directly on the seat in the production line without additional adaptation measures. 

This saves production time and costs for our customers. 

Quality that pays off. 

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Literaturtasche für Flugzeugsitze

On customer request, we manufacture literature pockets that goes with the passenger seat.

We support our customers in the design and configuration of the product as well as customer-specific individualisation, for example through special printing.

The products is manufactured from thermoformed foils and a moulded foam core.

A completely new development is a metal structure foamed in, resulting in a product of exceptional quality and feel.


On request, we cover armrests, side cushions and other parts of the cabin interior with high-quality natural or artificial leather.

The demands on workmanship and appearance are particularly high for these products.

Our years of experience and the work of our specially trained, qualified employees have made us renowned for meeting these market requirements.

Our products are used all over the world.

Insulation linings

Good acoustics are regarded as a sign of quality and comfort.

Health impairments can be reduced or avoided by reducing noise.

With the help of our specific insulation linings, we reduce noise pollution, whether in heating systems, the automotive sector or other panelling components where a reduction in noise levels is required.

We use special, open-cell PU moulded foams with high air permeability for this purpose.

Furniture Upholstery

Our upholstery parts offer premium comfort.

The application of the upholstery determines the choice of the appropriate foam system.

This guarantees a long product in service life with consistently high upholstery quality – An important point for well-being and a significant contribution to sustainability.

Safety is supported by passing fire standards such as:

  • CAL 117
  • BS 5852:1990 part – crib 5
  • CSE RF 4/83 (UNI 9175) – 1.IM

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